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Does your dog or cat constantly scratch at themselves? Are they losing hair in certain areas? Is their skin flaky, raw or smells bad? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it is possible your furry family member may be suffering from allergies. The Jackson, Mississippi area has a warm temperate climate that produces conditions for items such as pollen, dust and grass to cause allergic reactions in our pets. Fortunately, the veterinarians at Briarwood Animal Hospital have diagnosed and treated many pets suffering from allergies in Jackson, Madison, Clinton, and Flowood. Our staff can bring that same level of experience to your pet.

How are allergies diagnosed?

Allergy testing must be performed to properly determine if an allergen is causing a reaction in your pet. Just like human allergy testing, the tests conducted on your pet will determine what articles in the environment are causing your pet to react.

Can allergies in pets be treated?

In the last several years, treatment options for pets with allergies has seen a dramatic increase of safe and effective options. The caring veterinarians at Briarwood have incorporated many of these options in our treatment protocols. One example of the advanced allergy treatments offered at Briarwood includes sublingual immunotherapy, which places small amounts of allergens under the tongue of the pet. Over time, the treated pet will often develop a tolerance to the allergen with fewer and less severe reactions. Sublingual therapy is a safe and medication-free alternative that has given relief to many of our patients. Other new medications include an orally-administrated janus kinase inhibitor, and an injectable monoclonal antibody. These products do not cure the allergy itself, but have proven to be extremely effective in preventing the itch signal in the skin from reaching the brain. Both of these products are also extremely safe, and regularly recommended by our veterinarians.

Regardless of the cause in allergies your pet may have, our doctors can use advanced testing and treatment methodologies for your pet right here in Jackson at Briarwood Animal Hospital. Call today to schedule your pet's appointment at 601-956-5030.

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