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Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography

Briarwood Animal Hospital provides all types of diagnostic services including one of the most useful to a veterinarian—radiography. Radiography is more commonly known as an x-ray. X-rays allow a veterinarian to identify broken bones, internal bleeding, organ enlargements, tumors, degenerative joint diseases and foreign objects that have been ingested by a pet. Briarwood Animal Hospital has expanded our radiography services to the most advanced system available in veterinary medicine: digital radiography. This cutting-edge system allows our experienced veterinarians to take multiple images at a time to avoid lengthy radiography processes. Images are displayed almost instantly and any corrections needed are done in a timelier manner than in previous years. In the case that your pet may be referred to a specialist, our practice can easily email the images to the specialty center for their perusal. If your pet needs an x-ray, you can be assured that the best techniques and results are being produced at Briarwood Animal Hospital.

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