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Often used in conjunction with x-ray, ultrasound is a growing tool in the veterinary medicine world. Ultrasound is a virtually radioactive-free diagnostic service that Briarwood Animal Hospital uses to identify cardiovascular disease, tumor identification, organ evaluation and pregnancy/fetal progression. Ultrasound waves are high frequency sound waves that are emitted from a machine to a probe that is placed on the animal’s skin. The “echoes” that are sent back produce a picture of soft tissue structures, arteries and veins.

Briarwood Animal Hospital is pleased to offer ultrasound technology as a low-risk diagnostic service to its clients to give a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for sick pets. In the rare event a specialist is needed, our ultrasound unit can quickly email the images for review so treatment may begin immediately.

Briarwood Animal Hospital provides our furry clients with the best in veterinary medicine, coupled with the compassion shared with our veterinarians and staff. Please contact one of our caring professionals at 601-956-5030 and schedule an appointment for your furry family member today!

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